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Want to have a birthday party for your dog, a "gotcha day" celebration, or a dog event or a person event/birthday party but don't have the space to host it? We offer facility rentals Monday-Friday for 1 hour increments. Use any equipment we have and enjoy 2900 sq ft of room for your dogs and their friends to run around!

1 Hour

Perfect for an owner or group of owners that want to do an obedience or agility training session with their dog(s), but don't need the help of a trainer. Also good for a group that wants to have a small playdate with some doggy friends. 

2 Hours

Perfect for short events or smaller birthday parties that may not need as much time to celebrate and clean up. Also good for larger groups that want to have playdates with some doggy friends.

3 Hours

Ideal for birthday parties, or "gotcha day" parties, especially if they are a larger group. (20% off rental price at this increment)

4 Hours

Maximum rental time for Hour Increment Pricing. Ideal for large events such as Adoption Events, Kennel Club meetings, Agility Trials and so forth. (20% off rental price at this increment)

Entire Day

Maximum rental time. Flexible start time, must be done by 9pm. Perfect for Kennel Club meetings, Dog Shows, Rally/Obedience Trials and Agility Trials. If your event is longer than 4 hours, you must rent Entire Day. 


Rental Time Increments:











Facility Rental Request Form
Are you currently Enrolled in any classes at The Good Dog Yorktown?
How many dogs would be in your group during your rental period?
What length of time do you wish to rent the facility for?
What do you wish to rent the facility for?

We will respond to request in 24-48hrs

Facility Rental Request
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