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Did you just get a Puppy and you don't know where to start? You want to do everything right, but you don't know exactly what that looks like? Want a structured schedule to follow with your pup?

Our Best Daily Puppy Schedule Ever is the place FOR YOU to start!

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Our  FREE  6+ pages of schedules show you what you need to do throughout your day to set your puppy up for success! 

Dogs are huge creatures of habits, so if they seem a little crazy or haywire, that’s usually because WE haven’t been consistent or clear in showing them what we want them to do with their time! Hold yourself accountable with a clear structured routine like this one. This will also allow you to hold *every member of the family* to the same standard so you are all on the same page with your puppy: what needs to be done and when! 


Routine is everything when trying to set your rambunctious puppy up for success. The more structure you can give your pup at a young age, the fewer problems will develop as the mature and grow. This is not something you’ll have to be this strict about forever, but the more you are consistent now, the more they will naturally follow this routine as the grow.


While this guide is a great starting point to set yourself up for success, every puppy and owner is different and what works for one person may not work for you. Adjust as needed to fit your lifestyle and your puppy’s personality. You can follow this as closely or as loosely as you please, this is just to give you as much guidance as possible. If you follow this closely, you will have an AMAZINGLY well adjusted puppy after a few short months. 


The time stamp for each activity is left blank so you can fit in *your* time schedule with this guide. Test it out and make note of how long each activity takes/lasts for and after a week you’ll probably have a general idea of when you want each activity to take place in your day! 


Pairing this guide with classes will give you many of the tools you need to guide your puppy through growing into a well-adjusted adult dog.


This can also be used for introducing a brand new ADULT dog into your home (i.e. if you rescued or adopted) 

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