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frequently asked questions  

Which shots do you require?

For dogs 16 weeks and older we require rabies, distemper/parvovirus, and bordetella shots to be completely up to date when your dog is set to start classes. If your puppy is younger than 16 weeks of age we require at the minimum, 3 out of 4 rounds of puppy shots to be completed by a vet. Please note that if you do not present proof of these vaccinations, your dog will not be able to join us until this has been completed. 

What is your Cancelation Policy?

If you cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to the start of class, there is a $5.00 cancellation fee. Please note that once class has begun, the class fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and there are no make-up classes. Keep in mind these policies when you sign up for a class and please do not request an exception to the stated policies.

What if I can’t make it to class one week? 

While we do not allow for make-up classes, we strongly believe it is important that you get every lesson out of your session. If you are unable to attend one week, you are allowed to drop in to another class without your dog. You will still learn the necessary skills needed to go home and practice that week. This policy is in place so that classes don’t become over-filled with drop-ins and so that those attending don’t have to deal with the disruption of a new dog in class mid-session. 

Please plan any surgeries around classes if you are already enrolled. If you are not enrolled, pick a class that will work with your scheduled surgeries or consider waiting until the next session to register if you have a more serious surgery scheduled. For obedience classes, wait at least 3-6 days before coming back to class after neutering or spaying. We recommend planning that surgery for the day after your class meets so that your dog has 6 days to recover. For agility classes and trick training, it is crucial that you wait 10-14 days before coming back to class after neutering or spaying. Because of this, we recommend trying to wait until after your class ends to schedule that surgery, or waiting until the next session to do an Agility/Trick class if you already have the surgery scheduled. 

What if my dog must get Spayed or Neutered?

What if my dog goes into Heat during classes?

If your dog goes into Heat during classes you are still permitted to come to class as long as your dog is wearing a securely fitted diaper and it does not cause too much of a distraction to the other dogs attending class. 

What Should I bring to class?

If this is your first class, please bring your pup’s shot records, a regular collar, a 5-6ft leash, and some yummy treats or a toy if your dog is not treat-motivated. Make sure your dog does not eat 2 hours before class starts so they are eager to work for treats. Please bring in shot records for your dog every time they are due. 

How do I decide what class is right for my dog?

Click on the “Classes” tab and click “Learn More” under the classes you are interested in. The description page will tell you if that class is correctly fitted for you and your dog. If your dog has taken classes elsewhere and you think they can start in a higher level course, please call or email for our recommendation before registering. 

Do you offer any discounts? 

Yes, we are proud to offer a Military and a First Responders discount of $5 off any class you register for. We also offer a Double-Dog Discount of $5 off if you sign up more than one dog for classes. If any of these apply to you, when you go to check out, input “MILITARY”, “FIRSTRESPONDER” or “DOUBLEDOG” into the coupon code box depending on which one applies to you. For military and first responders, you will be required to show proof when you come the first night. 

What is your Late Policy?

Class begins at the start time every class. Please do not hold up your peers by showing up more than 5 minutes late. If your class falls at a time during heavy traffic, rain or other mild weather, please consider leaving earlier than usual to account for any delays. 

If I can’t come one week can someone else bring my dog in my place?

Yes, we do allow for someone to come to class in lieu of you. However, this is only allowed if you have caught them up to speed with the class curriculum and they know how to do everything we have taught you. Please do not send someone in your place that you haven’t shown how to do the training. 

How do I get into class if your session has already begun?

If our session has already begun, or all of the classes are completely full, then you must wait until the next session to register. We recommend signing up for our email subscription at the bottom of any page, so you will be notified by email as soon as the next schedule is posted for sign ups!

What is your policy on human aggression?

If your dog has displayed aggression towards humans, we cannot work with them. If you need recommendations for your human aggressive dog, we can supply those. If you are unsure what this means, please contact us.

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