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Puppy Play Time

Puppy Play Time is essential for teaching puppies how to politely behave in a group social setting

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Price: $18 for 30 minute session

For the best results, pair this with

Puppy Obedience


For puppies under 6 months old**. This socialization course will focus on teaching polite play behavior and eliminating any pushy and rude puppy-play habits. They will play with each other in a large open area with toys and owners present. Trainers will be there to work through any issues as well as to offer help and guidance to unsure owners and excited puppies.

**Puppies must have 3/4 rounds of their puppy shots (including the Bordetella vaccine) in order to attend

Sign-up Form



Dogs should have absolutely no aggression history. If you aren’t sure what this means, please contact us.


The course meets for six weeks (however, attendance is not required every week) lasting for thirty minutes. We highly recommend pairing this course with Puppy Obedience class for the best outcome. It is crucial that a puppy knows how to behave around other dogs whether they are allowed to interact with them or not. 


Sign-ups for this course are on a week-by-week basis, allowing for you to only pay for the weeks you want to attend. 


Proof of Vaccine Requirements: For dogs 16 weeks and older a record of their vaccinations must be signed by your veterinarian and include vaccine for: rabies, distemper/parvovirus, and bordetella. For dogs under 16 weeks of age, at a minimum we require 3 out of 4 rounds of puppy shots to be completed. If your veterinarian chooses not to give your pup one or more of these vaccines at the time of class, we must have a signed letter from them stating that it is contraindicated. Dogs must be on flea & tick preventative to enter the facility.

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