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Predicted Training Schedule 

Please note, this is not set in stone. This is merely a prediction of the next training schedule. It is likely that there will be minor changes within this schedule once it is available for registering. 

(                                   )

April 19th - May 30th


5:00 pm Conformation


4:15 pm Basic Obedience

5:30 pm Interm. Obedience

6:45 pm Advanced Obed. 1

8:00 pm Basic Obedience 


5:15 pm Basic Obedience

6:45 pm Therapy Class

8:00 pm Interm. Obedience


5:15 pm Puppy Obedience

6:45 pm Puppy Agility

8:00 pm Interm. Agility


5:15 pm Advanced Obed. 2

6:30 pm Basic Obedience

8:00 pm Puppy Obedience


11:00 am Try-it-out Class

12:15 pm Trick Training

1:30 pm Nosework

2:45 pm Basic Obedience

5:00 pm Puppy Obedience

6:30 pm Interm. Obedience

7:45 pm Advanced Obed. 1


10:15 am Basic Agility

11:30 am Advanced Agility

12:45 pm Basic Obedience

3:00 pm Puppy Obedience

5:00 pm Outdoor Advanced

6:15 pm Outdoor Advanced

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