Dog Boarding

Making your pup feel at home while you're away

The Good Dog Yorktown is now offering boarding!

To book - fill out the "Boarding Form" at the bottom of the page.

There is limited availability, so make sure to fill out the form in advance of the dates you would like to board your pup! Payments will be taken via PayPal invoice while we set up a kenneling website.

Image by Jay Wennington

Why Board with Us

We are not your typical boarding facility! The dogs are handled by the owners of the company and our trainers at all times and we limit the number of dogs we allow per night, so that your pup will have plenty of individual attention. Your dog will have access to the 2,900sqft training space during off hours and they will be able to play with other dogs if their personality is right for it. If your pup does not do well with other dogs, they will get the space to themselves to play fetch, tug, or whatever their favorite game is. During the hours that classes are being held, your pup will be walked by one of our trainers. Have questions? Check out our FAQ section below the boarding form.

$40 per night

Meet the Boarding Team

Boarding Form

Boarding FAQ

What type of kennel will be used?

Dogs will be kept in standard wire kennels, according to their size. You may bring your own bedding.

What activities do the dogs get to do?

The dogs get to enjoy group play, a daily walk, enrichment games and anything else we find that they particularly enjoy!

Do you offer a multiple dog discount?

Yes! You will receive $5 off per night for each additional dog that you book.

What if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

If your dog does not enjoy play with other dogs, they will get individual playtime in the facility, plus the other things listed.

How much will my dog be kenneled?

Dogs will not be kenneled for more than 3 hours at a time, except for overnight.

Will I be updated about how my dog is doing?

Yes! Our boarding managers will send out regular photo updates, if you choose to receive them. We will keep you in the know!